Vue app and Rest API


Type of project:
Dynamic Vue app within a Wordpress site

6 months (part time)

Release date:
April 2019



From November 2018 till May 2019 I worked partially on a project where it was necessary to add a Vue application inside a Wordpress site.

The Vue application accessed a special Rest API I designed to render its contents, so it wasn't dependent on the Wordpress contents. This allowed the user much faster navigation through the contents.

Furthermore it was necessary to adjust the backend tool with which new contents could be added to the database. This backend tool was implemented using the Laravel framework (PHP).


  • Web application with Vue within a Wordpress site
  • Fast navigation through the contents due to asynchronous data fetching
  • Custom Rest API to access database with contents


  • Setup and implementation of Vue application
  • Integration of Vue application into Wordpress site
  • Implementation of backend tool with Laravel (PHP)
  • Database development with MySQL
  • Database migration


presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks