Book Webshop


Type of project:
Wordpress/WooCommerce plugin development

April 2019 till July 2019

Release date:
July 2019



From April 2019 till July 2019 I helped to realize a the webshop on a redesigned website for a big German book publisher.

My responsibilities were the connection of the webshop to the ERP database of the publisher, so the products in the webshop are always up-to-date. On the other side orders in the webshop should automatically be forwarded to the fulfillment provider.

To realize it I developed two Wordpress plugins. The first one reads the ERP database of the publisher regularly and updates the WooCommerce webshop accordingly. The other one sends submitted orders directly to the fulfillment provider with the correct format, so the provider can work with them. It also checks the status of the orders regularly and updates the WooCommerce orders with the data from the fulfillment provider.


  • Wordpress WooCommerce webshop
  • Regular automated synchronization between publisher database and webshop
  • Automated forwarding of orders to the fulfillment provider
  • Regular automated synchronization of order status between fulfillment provider and webshop


  • Development of two Wordpress plugins in PHP
  • Integration of plugins into WooCommerce webshop
  • Development of tools to setup and control plugins in Wordpress backend


presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks